This note is regarding Rehab hospitals and their suitability for Kaiser patients. Unfortunately I have had to have experiences in 3 different Rehab hospitals: The Rafael, Kindred of South Marin and my current one, Petaluma Post Acute Rehab (PPAR). In both of my previous stays I was there for several weeks thus I was able to accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend, in the strongest possible terms, that Kaiser utilize as far as possible the PPAR over any of the other Rehab hospitals. There literally is no comparison possible. PPAR has superior PT, nursing, food, care and most undefinable, attitude of the workers. As an example at the other Rehabs, there was never a time that I had response less than 5 minutes to a call for help. At PPAR it is NEVER more than 5 mins. I’ve no space to elaborate but would be happy to answer questions.

I have a loved one at Petaluma Post Acute Rehab, my mother.

She is 87 and has been a resident for almost three years.

My mother has always battled depression and more recently has dealt with injuries and illness and now also battles Parkinson’s. She is unable to stand, has difficulty feeding and taking care of herself in ways we all take for granted.

Since my mother has been at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab, I have watched her bloom. She joins in all the activities, her anxiety is much less and her mind is so much better. She has friends in the staff and other residents.

I am very lucky to know that when we are not able to be there, that she has people caring for her who know her and really do care. Who will also alert us of her needs or any changes.

Not only is she cared for and safe, but since my mother has been at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab, I have watched her bloom. She joins in all the activities, her anxiety is much less and her mind is so much better.

Thank you for keeping my mom safe and making her smile.

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When someone you love is hurting or sick, sometimes it’s hard to leave them alone, but I have to say that at Petaluma Post Acute Rehab, I NEVER felt like my mom was left alone. She was always clean, her needs were met and when she finally left, she left to hugs and cheering and feeling of support and caring that was priceless.

I am grateful beyond words for this facility. The minute I walked in, I knew this place was different. It is warm and inviting and as close to home as one could feel in a place like this. And the staff is attentive, focused and very strong, from the CNA to the RN to physical therapy, there was nothing but positive experiences for my mom. I have already recommended this place many times!

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I was a patient here needing rehabilitation and wound care after surgery and major injuries initially treated at Santa Rosa Hospital.

The nursing, PT and CNA care was excellent. The food was very good. Everyone was extremely attentive and pleasant.

The facility is very attractive, in a private setting, with a nice outdoor area.

I felt very well cared for and responses to my requests were timely and cheerful

I don’t live in the area, but if I did, I would most definitely highly recommend this facility. It was a pleasure staying here and interacting with an outstanding staff.

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I left yesterday and will miss the excellent care which I received during my stay, both physical therapy and nursing staff provided excellent personal care. My needs were anticipated by caring staff with an attitude of positive success for me, especially at those times when recovery seemed so far away. I experienced the skills of a caring and talented staff which worked hard under all conditions.

I learned a lot about patient care during my 17 day stay. Night or day staff responded quickly and willingly in order to help me. Today I am able to walk with a walker again and my hip is almost happy.

A special thanks to all staff from the administration, to housekeeping and the kitchen. Why are there not more such rehab facilities? Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab is a great pioneer.

Thank you,
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My grandmother at the age of 86 recently broke her hip and it was a rather traumatic event for my family and I. Once she had her surgery we quickly were looking for a place where she could recover in dignity. Fortunately the team from Post-Acute Rehab in Petaluma were close by and immediately met my mother who was with my grandmother at the hospital to outline the rehab services that were available to my grandmother. We ended up sending her to their facility for her rehab process and couldn’t be more pleased with the care she has been given.

Thank you to Petaluma Post Acute Rehab for everything you have done for my grandmother and for making this process a lot easier for my family and I.

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I am leaving this facility today and am very happy with the great care that I received. Thank you so much for helping me recover. The staff is well trained, courteous and very responsive. Everything was excellent.

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I recently stayed a Petaluma Acute Rehab following a surgery I had at Kaiser. Overall things were excellent. I was there for 9 days and am going home. The therapy was great. Not what I was expecting when I heard nursing facility. Very clean, highly trained nurses and therapists.

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Had a very good experience during my stay at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab. The staff was courteous and responsive. The building was always very clean. The therapists that I worked with were wonderful and helped me to get back home. Thank you for all your hard work!

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We know your work isn’t always easy, but we want you to know it is always appreciated. You made the last few years of my mother’s life so much more full of life than they could have been. We always knew you had her best interests in your thoughts and hearts.
Thank you so much,

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