This note is regarding Rehab hospitals and their suitability for Kaiser patients. Unfortunately I have had to have experiences in 3 different Rehab hospitals: The Rafael, Kindred of South Marin and my current one, Petaluma Post Acute Rehab (PPAR). In both of my previous stays I was there for several weeks thus I was able to accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend, in the strongest possible terms, that Kaiser utilize as far as possible the PPAR over any of the other Rehab hospitals. There literally is no comparison possible. PPAR has superior PT, nursing, food, care and most undefinable, attitude of the workers. As an example at the other Rehabs, there was never a time that I had response less than 5 minutes to a call for help. At PPAR it is NEVER more than 5 mins. I’ve no space to elaborate but would be happy to answer questions.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mother in her last years. It helped immensely to know she was in such a supportive, loving place. Bless you.

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Had a very good experience during my stay at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab. The staff was courteous and responsive. The building was always very clean. The therapists that I worked with were wonderful and helped me to get back home. Thank you for all your hard work!

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We know your work isn’t always easy, but we want you to know it is always appreciated. You made the last few years of my mother’s life so much more full of life than they could have been. We always knew you had her best interests in your thoughts and hearts.
Thank you so much,

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Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mother in her last years. It helped immensely to know she was in such a supportive, loving place. Bless you.

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I was a patient at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab for 28 days for wound care and would like to compliment the people there who took care of me. You’re all wonderful people and deserve the world. Thanks again.

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Thank you for all the loving care you provided to Patricia C.

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I am writing to commend the culinary staff for their high degree of skill and commitment to service for patients and residents.
First, let me say that it is a very difficult task for every part of your organization to provide care to the highest professional standards. It is difficult because you all deal with a wide variety of medical and personal issues in a large and every changing population of patients and residents. Second, in order to deliver the highest quality of service, requires the effort of many different parts of your organization. Those many different moving parts must work in harmony for your organization to fulfill its service mission. Third, for the benefit of everyone, it is important that excellence in the discharge of duties be recognized and commended by those served by your organization.
Against the background, and on behalf of my wife, Toni, and myself, I wish to express our thank you for the high quality of food and service delivered by the culinary staff. It is deserving of recognition. They perform extremely well a function that is very important to resident and patient satisfaction. Over many years, Toni and I have eaten in many fine restaurants all over the U.S. and Europe so we are not easy to please. It is with this in mind that I also use the word “culinary” purposefully and carefully. The staff merits that title.
I have tasted virtually every food item delivered by the staff to Toni and uniformly find them to be of high quality and tasty. Toni has not refused to eat any entrée or side dish. Quite the contrary, I can tell the way she eats with gusto that she genuinely likes the food very much. It looks very good and it tastes very good. The staff also adheres to very high standards of service. If something does not suit someone’s taste buds, accommodation for either a single meal or for meals on a regular basis, is promptly and cheerfully made.
The culinary staff makes an important and positive contribution to a successful recovery. I think that people who eat well tend to recover well. We are very thankful for their efforts. We commend them on important work well done.

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Thank you all for helping me with becoming stronger. I really appreciate your help. Thank you for taking wonderful care of me. Everyone is so thoughtful and has helped me. Thank you again.

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I wanted to write these letters to thank all those of you who work hard to run the the Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab Center. This kind of nursing care is needed by so many. After working in the medical field when younger, now at 76 I am experiencing the “other side”.

Last month while I was there for 2 weeks, many were very kind to me. Those days after surgery would have been extremely difficult without their help. I have also sent little “thank-you” cards to those nurses whose names I could remember.

After returning home, the Kaiser Home Health sent nurses to my house. They monitored my medications until I was off pain meds and more clear headed. Physical Therapy was continued for a time as well.

They were all very kind and helpful so sent them a “thank-you” card.

I am healing very well and getting stronger each day. Gradually becoming more confident. Slowly “getting on with my life.” Even interested again in my letter writing that I do. It’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed. This is possible for me during these days of having so much sit-down time,

Hoping that you and yours are doing well.

With Appreciation,

PS. I’ve ordered a ukulele to learn chords to accompany singing. Fun sit project. Easier than a guitar and smaller than a piano.

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