This note is regarding Rehab hospitals and their suitability for Kaiser patients. Unfortunately I have had to have experiences in 3 different Rehab hospitals: The Rafael, Kindred of South Marin and my current one, Petaluma Post Acute Rehab (PPAR). In both of my previous stays I was there for several weeks thus I was able to accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend, in the strongest possible terms, that Kaiser utilize as far as possible the PPAR over any of the other Rehab hospitals. There literally is no comparison possible. PPAR has superior PT, nursing, food, care and most undefinable, attitude of the workers. As an example at the other Rehabs, there was never a time that I had response less than 5 minutes to a call for help. At PPAR it is NEVER more than 5 mins. I’ve no space to elaborate but would be happy to answer questions.

I was admitted to Petaluma Post Acute Rehab on April 1, 2016 and I will be discharged tomorrow, June 10. I’m writing to inform you how impressed I am with the excellence of the nursing, CNA, and rehab staff members. In all my interactions with them, they have been patient, compassionate, knowledgable and professional, and willing to go out of their way to do things for me. To give you specific examples, one staff member brought me cinnamon because I told her I liked it on my morning oatmeal, another brought me tea in the early morning on the days she worked, several CNA’s have gone out of their way to take lunch requests to the kitchen, to recommend food items, to bring me ice cream, or to track down clothing that was misplaced. They have made my stay here a better experience than I was expecting, and I believe that their attitude and dedication have promoted my healing and my return home. I’ve seen the box ask for nominations for ‘Five Star’ staff members. I’ve considered nominating someone, but I was reluctant to single anyone out because everyone has been such a pleasure to deal with. I commend this facility for the quality of their staff members and thank everyone for their help with my recovery.

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Jeff (and Team),

I wanted to take a moment and express my (and my family’s) appreciation for the care recently provided to my father, Hal L. Although I live in the Seattle area, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time in Santa Rosa with my parents, visiting my father nearly every day for the three weeks that I was in town and he was an inpatient in the Kaiser San Rafael medical center and your facility (I had to return home to my immediate family before he was discharged to home).

For background purposes, I spent the vast majority of my career working with major healthcare providers across the western United States.  The bulk of my time was spent working in the acute care environment where I had the opportunity to better understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers.  As such, I have a great appreciation for all “the moving parts” that you, your management team, and your staff deal with daily.  You know better than I that there is not a “straight line” or a simple set of steps that move patients to wellness or a state where they can be safely discharged. “Things” happen and patients are not always in-step with the team that is charged with caring for the patient.  Recovery periods, especially for the elderly or those with cognitive challenges, can take longer periods of time.

In spite of all those challenges and obstacles to success, I was most impressed with the care that was provided to my father.  Over the course of my visits to your facility, I had the chance to observe your team and engage with various staff during my visits.  I am sincerely grateful to Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab for the care provided to my father and the other patients.  Although my memory is not as strong as it used to be, I would like to acknowledge the staff that I engaged with on an ongoing basis.  I am certain that I have lost track of some of the names of the staff that I met with and I will fail to list their names in this note.  Sorry about that. Please do not misinterpret that “miss”; it’s my memory.

As we prepared for my father’s discharge from his inpatient stay at Kaiser San Rafael, I had the task of finding a rehab facility that would provide great care AND be relatively close to my parents’ home in Santa Rosa.  Given the fires in Sonoma County, our options were limited in Santa Rosa as the facilities were full.  I was given the name of your facility as a candidate.  I checked out the CMS website and discovered that Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab scored very well.   I spoke to Laurie H and she convinced me that, in spite of the distance, your program was equipped to address the needs of my father.  She was very proud of your wound care services.  I concurred with Laurie and the journey began.   Jesus Camacho did a great job of facilitating the admission process and we moved my father to Petaluma.

Wound care was very important to my father’s situation and Cari, as well as Rachel, did an awesome job of attending to the daily needs of my dad’s wounds AND keeping me apprised of the progress that was occurring daily.   Cari was especially effective in keeping me apprised of the progress and assuring me that my father would not be discharged until the team concluded that it was safe to do so.  Your team of therapists (i.e. physical, occupational, speech) were very kind to my father, yet pushed him to get stronger and healthier.  I had the opportunity to observe Erin, Kim, and Susan engage with my father; nicely done.  Your nurses and nursing assistants are a special group of folks that clearly exhibited top-notch services in a loving, compassionate manner.  I engaged with Diana, Maria, Roger, Francesca, Vern, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Cathy, Erica, Eli, Ally, Zameka, and Matt, to name some of the folks that I met.  I know that I left off a couple of names (sorry), but you should know that you team did an awesome job of attending to the needs of my father as well as answering my endless series of questions.  In addition, Dietary and Housekeeping staff exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and services; silently going about their work and keeping the operations running smoothly.

It’s easy to understand why you score so high in CMS’ ratings as your team serves your patients well.

So, on behalf of our family, let again say “Thank You” to the team at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehab.  Please keep up your great work; our healthcare system needs more providers like you.  We wish you Happy Holidays.  Please pass on this note of appreciation to your team.  They are awesome.

Take care.

Mike L


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Thank you oh so much to the ones who took care of me in physical therapy and wound care. Carey and Rachel and the wound care person who had helped cleaned to help heal faster. and to all the nurses who took care of me when I need help. I learned a lot in physical therapy. 

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